Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's been awhile since I have posted something, but I am back to talk about the phases that my creativity has gone through over the past 8 months!

I just added about 20-25 new things to my collection and as I was creating I realized that my jewelry designing has gone through many phases.

I started out creating simple jewelry with simple designs and stones, but I have continued to add and develop new techniques. Many times I inspired when I create custom pieces, which is great because my customers are giving me inspiration. For example using chain with links and stringing chain instead of just jewelry wire. This allows for the stringing material to be part of the design also.

Another phase I went through was the use of cabochons and gluing them into settings. I liked doing these pieces because it gives an option for some of my customers that are as adventurous with the colors that they wear in their jewels.

The current phase that I am in with my jewelry right now is what I would like to call my "earthy" phase. I have enjoyed making slightly more eccentric pieces that include beads made from bone, horn, and wood.

One of my main goals in my jewelry is to create something for EVERYONE! I think about what I would wear and sometimes I am not in the mood for a chunky, dramatic necklace. So all of my phases have allowed for me to have a lot of different things for anyone who loves to wear jewelry. I wonder what my next phase will be...

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