Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year in Review...

Well, it has been just about a year since I started to make jewelry and turn my new hobby into a business. I have learned SO MUCH! Going to school to be a teacher doesn't really provide you with the business background necessary to be a business owner. Luckily I have an awesome support team around me that have helped me every step of the way.

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for everything they have done for me this past year in order to develop and expand my business.

To my Aunt Ann, thanks for always being the one to come through and buy some jewels. You have attended every craft show/market I have been a part of all year long! I appreciate the support and love you have given my business as well as me! You are definitely our mascot!:-)

To my mom, thanks for being so willing to jump in a help ALL THE TIME! Where do I start to thank you for everything you have helped me with including helping me change my set-up (even though it resisted) in order to get more sales, tirelessly sitting with me during the craft fairs, and allowing me to take over your house for 3 different Saturdays in order to have trunk shows:-)

To my dad, thanks for putting up with craziness and being supportive no matter what. Every craft show you were the FIRST one to jump in a help us load the car. You did whatever you could to help and never asked questions or questioned my decisions.

To my sister, thank you for EVERYTHING you have done. You have been my rock in this business and you weren't afraid to speak your piece even when I wasn't willing to listen. You have been my business guru and my excellent cashier (who dealt with my crazy requests with a smile on your face).

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you to EVERYONE who showed up at craft fairs, farmers markets, and trunk shows. It really meant a lot to me that you showed up! A special thanks to the following people who also helped went above and beyond to contribute to my business: Erika Klick, Leigh String, Liz Cayne, Franny Wooler, Sarah Thomas, and Monica Fiegel. It brings me so much joy to show up at school as well as family events and see so many women wearing my jewelry.

Let year two begin! I hope to have more new adventures and continue to make jewelry that people love!

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