Sunday, December 2, 2012

Second Trunk Show...

I think I am getting the hang of the art of hosting a trunk show! Yesterday was my second show and it was VERY VERY profitable! I used what I learned from the 1st trunk show and it worked!

I had 14 people come and everyone had nothing but positive things to say about my jewelry and the food! I eliminated some of the dished and it was the perfect amount! Still had some left overs, but overall it was awesome!

Also reviewed the types of things that people bought last time and realized I need to rearrange my set up to have more necklaces right when people walk in instead of my huge earring display:-) I also put all the appetizers in the living room instead of the kitchen so people would eat as the chatted and looked at jewelry! Lastly, I had my sister sit in the kitchen as the cashier so there was a central location for them to come and buy their jewelry!

Only upgrade is to get little baskets for people to carry their purchases around in (which is awesome because that  means people had too many things in their hands), so I will look at finding some little cheap baskets to have at the next show:-)

Next up, my family and friends trunk show in two weeks! I need to make A LOT of new jewelry in order to replace what I sold:-) Let the creating begin!

Until next time...

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