Monday, July 23, 2012

My far!

I am a special education teacher in the area, which has its peaks and valleys on a daily basis. I love my job, but this past winter I found myself looking for a hobby. I was in a craft store and noticed some "how to" books about making jewelry. I picked up one book and became intrigued. I came home and confidently told my family I was going to make jewelry! I got all my tools and my first set of beads....from there I became a jewelry maker. I decided to make it a business and see if I could profit off of my creativity. Thank goodness my younger sister is getting her degree in business, so she could give me guidance because I dove in head first and have been learning along the way.

In May, I started to vend my jewelry at a local farmer's market! It has been a great experience and my customer service skills I developed all my years at Old Navy have definitely come in handy. I have also started to do some festivals and shows outside of the farmers market, which has been great too! I really enjoy the feeling of someone putting on a piece of my jewelry and seeing their faces light up!

Thanks goodness for my family helping me tirelessly every weekend and keeping me company as well as helping with the set up and break down:-) My family and friends have been there the entire way through the process and despite my sometimes controlling ways, they continue to support me in my endeavors.

This summer, I am taking full advantage of being able to focus on my jewelry business. I love the creative process of making the jewelry and developing/expanding my displays!

My plan is to use this Blog to capture my thoughts about the process of making jewelry as well as my experiences as a vendor.

Hopefully, those of you who don't get to see me on a weekly basis will be able to be part of this new chapter in my life! I am excited for the journey and hoping that my business continues to grow.

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