Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jewelry Trunk Shows...

I am back! It has been awhile since I have posted anything to my blog, but here goes nothing!

I have recently decided to scheduled some trunk shows hosted at my house to exhibit my jewelry to co-workers, family, and friends! I am very exciting about planning the party and hoping that I will generate from revenue from it!

Since I am now a seasoned craft show exhibitor (well kinda), I have noticed at a lot of the shows I have done that people come to these shows to not necessarily buy jewelry, which is a problem for me! My thought behind doing a trunk show at my house is that it focuses the attention onto my jewelry only;-) I am VERY exciting to host everyone at my house, eat some tasty food, and enjoy some cocktails!

Given the size of my staff, family, and friends, I had to set up 3 different shows so that we don't have too many people at one time! It has also worked out because when people can't come to one show then I can give them other options, which has been proven to be VERY helpful!

I started the invitation process by sending out evites, which are awesome because it keeps track of your numbers and allows you to send messages to people through the site! I have also designed my own invitations through vista print that I am mailing out and handing out at school! You can see my creative work below! Through this jewelry endeavor, I have realized that I have quite the eye for graphic design...who knew!

So what is next you ask? Well now I am planning food and continuing to follow up with people about their RSVP for the show! I will keep you updated on my progress and hopefully this will prove to be very helpful with sales!:) Until next time...

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